About the Club

CV Tri is a non-profit organization led by volunteers that welcomes all new, novice and experienced triathletes to join us. Joining the CVtri club is a great way to meet other triathletes, train with like-minded people, challenge yourself personally and celebrate your accomplishments in a supportive and social environment.
Our club executive board works together to organize workouts, training events, socials and continues to promote and build the membership.

Our executive consists of a President, Membership director, Coach director, Social/Promotional committee, Treasurer/Secretary
2017-2018 Executives are Don Blacklock, Kerri Brownie, Kris Hopping, Suzanne Wood, Derek Trip, Diane Jacquest and Ross Hales.

Become an Executive

At our annual AGM, nominations for each position are brought forward. Election is generally by acclamation. If more than one person is nominated for a position, election will be by a show of hands- no proxies are allowed.

Although nominations will be accepted from the floor at the AGM, in order to publicize a list of nominated individuals before the AGM we request that you put forth your name by the identified deadline. A list of nominated individuals will then be shared with the membership so that members may decide whom they want to vote for at the AGM.

To nominate yourself or someone else, please email the president at and indicate your name, phone number, and position in which you or the nominee are interested. You should do this once an official call for nominations has been made.

We will strive to keep you up-to-date as the club continues to evolve.  If you are interested in offering your time, or have any suggestions or concerns, please email us at:

Great Reasons to Join the Club

  • We have loads of fun!
  • Training with friends is motivating.
  • We offer year round training exclusive to CVTri members.
  • Group training sessions, clinics and seminars, where you can learn from experts and professionals involved in the sport.
  • Members have traveled to events together -on the Island, province and even Hawaii! Destination events are so much fun and a great way to see the sights while training!

Join Now

Comox Valley Triathlon Club offers members the opportunity to train and compete with triathletes of all levels.

1. Types of 2018 CV Tri Club membership: Athlete and Social.

CV Tri Club Athlete membership – in order to participate in our organized workouts (e.g. swims, outdoor group rides, bricks, etc.), members will require the CV Tri Club Athlete membership and Tri BC membership. Tri BC membership provides the mandatory insurance you will need to participate in our organized workouts and to participate in triathlons in BC. Membership in the CV Tri Club entitles you to a discount on your Tri BC membership, please see below for the code needed for the discount. Note: participation in the Sunday spins at the Lewis Centre does not require Tri BC membership, as insurance for that workout is covered by the Lewis Centre.

CV Tri Club Social membership – we welcome everyone to join us in our club social activities (e.g. bowling, pub visits, BBQs, etc.). The CV Tri Club Social membership allows you to join in our social events and to support the club (thank you!). With the social membership you do not need Tri BC membership.

2. CV Tri Club membership fee for 2018 (Jan. 1 – Dec. 31): $20 for each type of membership.

3. How to obtain CV Tri Club membership:

We use an on-line membership process using RaceRoster.  Please use this link to purchase your membership: 

4. How to obtain Tri BC membership:

Tri BC uses an on-line membership process using CCN bikes.  Please use this link to purchase your membership:!/memberships/triathlon-bc-2018 

Note: there is an early bird discount this year which provides you 15% off if you purchase before Dec. 31, 2017 – this discount is in addition to the $5.00 discount you get for being a member of the CV Tri Club.

The CV Tri Club discount code for 2018 is: club18-1687   Please note – members need to enter the entire code, including the numbers, letters and hyphen.    

Please contact Kerri Brownie at if you have any questions about CV TriClub membership.